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The Lowdown – All That Happened on Tuesday, January 21 2020

The Lowdown
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/ONE Christy Mangan, Chief Superintendent for Louth or the county’s ‘Top Cop’ if you read the tabloids, joined Michael Reade on LMFM this morning for a wide ranging conversation – touching namely on the ongoing murderous gang feud in Drogheda, the killing of Keane Mulready-Woods, the claims today that the Gardai’s Emergency Response Unit are not in a position to adequately support officers in Drogheda and the logistics of carrying out day-to-day policing in the midst of the current violence.

On the ERU, Mangan said, “I have never had any difficulty in securing the services of the ERU. They will be here at a moments notice for me, let it be 3 o’clock in the day or 3 o’clock in the morning; they have been here.”

Read the full story here: Adamant Chief Supt Mangan says ERU support in Drogheda is “very good”

/TWO  The Irish Times report this evening that a man who was shot at in a taxi on the Bridge of Peace in Drogheda on Monday last week and has claimed his bail conditions made him a “sitting duck” for attack, but failed to be released on bail after his arrest on Sunday.

The man, in his 20s and who cannot be named for legal reasons, was arrested on foot of a warrant on Sunday and had been in custody since then after initially being granted bail last May.

The High Court heard today that strict conditions were set out when he was granted bail last year including that he must reside at a specific address, adhere to a curfew, sign on twice daily at the same Garda station and be available to the Garda by mobile phone.

After being shot at last Monday, he ran to the nearby Garda station – which was just 60m from the location of the shooting – but then had failed to sign on for several days. He claimed in court that the conditions of his bail made him an easier target for attack.

Read the full story here: Man shot in taxi claims bail conditions made him ‘sitting duck’

/THREE Fianna Fáil say that the rollout of a rent freeze would be unconstitutional, saying they would not go down the same route proposed by Sinn Féin this week as a means to alleviate the rental crisis in the country. Councillor and election candidate Ruairi O Murchu told LouthNow.ie on Monday that his party proposed a three year rental freeze as part of their election manifesto.

However, launching their own housing package today, Fianna Fáil’s Mary Fitzpatrick, a candidate for Dublin Central said that it wouldn’t be possible. “We did look very strongly at the whole rent freeze issue because to a certain extent the rent pressure zones that were introduced by the government have failed. We have been advised legally that it is unconstitutional. So we clearly can’t do something that’s unconstitutional.”

Sinn Féin put forward a bill in the Dáil back in December proposing such a move. But Fianna Fáil’s legal counsel Darren Lehane advised that a general rent freeze “would be unconstitutional”, saying it would restrict the property rights of the owners of rental properties.”

Read the full story here: Ó Murchú labels rent spiral “ridiculous, unsustainable and unacceptable” and more on the story here: No rent freeze under FF government as party states it would be unconstitutional

/FOUR It is only available on one product, of many. It’s a small step but a positive one none the less. Local company Meade Potato Company, located in Lobinstown, Co. Meath just a short distance from Ardee, have linked up with Lidl Ireland to pack some of their product range in a brand new 100% compostable bag, the first of its kind to contain potatoes on shelves in Ireland.

The bags themselves are 100% Seedling certified compostable, using FSC certified sustainably-sourced paper, strengthened with starch and printed with water-based ink.

The window of the bag is made with corn-starch based netting, which eliminates all conventional plastic from the packaging making it 100% compostable and suitable for disposal in all consumers’ brown bins for industrial composting. The new bag uses 34% less paper than traditional paper bagging machines. Good stuff.

Read the full story here: Meade Potato Co links up with Lidl for Ireland’s first 100% compostable spud bag

/FIVE And it’s an election. As if you didn’t know. Which means there was bound to be a few euro knocking about down the back of the Government’s sofa. In this case, they found €525million today to distribute countrywide for improvements in the regional and local roads. Those aren’t the main ones – they are the ones that start with ‘R’ and ‘L’.

If you’re wondering what will be spent in your area, €301,000 has been allocated for various safety improvement works on regional and local roads. These include on the Avenue Road in Dundalk, Annagassan Village, Dillonstown Cross near Dunleer, Sheelagh, Main Street in Blackrock, Mary Street in Drogheda and the Carlingford to Greenore Road.

AND FINALLY / Great news today that the folks at Wogan Build Centre are to sponsor the Droghed St Patrick’s Day parade in 2020. The parade had initially been shelved due toa lack of funding spiralling insurance costs but it’s back. And boy, it is much needed. Mayor of Drogheda Paul Bell and Fergus O’Dowd TD joined committee chairperson Isobel Sanroma and Garrett and Derek Wogan at their store this morning to make the announcement.

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