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Tenanty calls for government to provide pensions for CE scheme supervisors

Ardee Municipal District councillor Jim Tenanty photographed at Westerns GFC in Reaghstown. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.

Ardee Municipal District councillor Jim Tenanty has called on the government to grant pensions to CE scheme supervisors and assistant supervisors, calling community employment schemes “invaluable voluntary community organisations.”

Councillor Tenanty tabled a motion on the matter at the most recent Ardee Municipal District meeting held on Thursday evening last.


Speaking to assembled colleagues and council officials, Tenanty said, “There’s a strike looming again in relation to this issue. CE workers cannot work unless they have a supervisor.

“If the supervisor goes off, the workers go off. The Government have dragged their feet on this. There’s no voluntary workers that do as much work as CE workers. They do tremendous work for Tidy Towns, our towns, our villages. Only for CE schemes the work would never be done.”

“I would hate to see us lose out because of the government’s failure to deliver on pensions,” he added. A 2008 Labour Court ruling recommended that a pension scheme should be put in place for the CE scheme supervisors.

Sinn Fein councillor Pearse McGeough and Independent councillor Hugh Conlon supported the motion.

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