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Dowdallshill one-way system needed to stop ‘graveyard shouting matches’

Dowdallshill Cemetary, Dundalk.

Fianna Fáil councillor Sean Kelly has urged Louth County Council to act on calls for a one-way traffic system to be implemented at Dowdallshill Cemetery, claiming he witnessed numerous clashes among motorists there over the Christmas period.

The Cllr put his question to officials at Thursday’s Dundalk Municipal District meeting where he recounted scenes he witnessed in the last two weeks.


“I was out there on Christmas Day and New Years Day. There’s literally cars being abandoned on the laneways.” Kelly then said cars are meeting eachother on the thoroughfare with no room to pass for either. “There’s a face-off for ten minutes,” he said.

The local representative said something must be done to implement a one-way system as such encounters are affecting those who visit the graveyard to remember family members and friends.

“It’s a poignant day. People are emotional enough as it is and there’s shouting matches going on in the graveyard – which should never happen. There’s a simple solution and that’s getting the one way system in place as soon as possible.”

In response, Senior Engineer Mark Johnston said “We’ll have to look at that, absolutely to see if we can improve it.”

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