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Cunningham warns of wall collapse danger at Port Oriel, Clogherhead

SinnFein councillors Pearse McGeough and Tom Cunningham.

A fallen wall at Port Oriel in Clogherhead is a major risk to pedestrians and children and could soon collapse unless urgent work is carried out, according to Sinn Féin councillor Tom Cunningham.

The Clogherhead based representative first raised the issue with the local authority in March of last year and is still waiting for repair work to be carried out. The January meeting of the Drogheda Borough Council heard that the council are waiting for specialist contractors to carry out the repair.


“There was a wall knocked at Port Oriel harbour in Clogherhead last March. I reported it on March 18. The council came and took the debris away from it,” he explained. “I was told a few months later there was funding to put this wall back up. t

“The problem is at the minute we have to ask kids to come away from the wall. Heavy HGV traffic comes down onto the pier and there’s vibrations. You can see the wall moving.

“First and foremost, it’s safety for pedestrians walking by. I don’t want to see this wall come down and collapse on somebody,” he said. Cunningham also urged caution ahead of any works, saying as much as the wall as possible should be preserved in its original state. “It’s an old wall, we don’t want to lose any more. It’s history of the harbour.

In response, Senior Executive Engineer Mark Johnston said it was simply a case of getting the contractor to do the work. “That is on the list for repair.”

“Some of these walls are privately owned, some are publicly owned. It’s not always straightforward getting the walls fixed immediately.” Johnston said the local authority were also waiting on a stonemason to carry our repair work on a fallen wall on Princes Street in Drogheda, replying to a query from Cllr Michelle Hall.

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