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Councillors row in behind new Tree of Hope planting motion

Dolores Minogue
Dolores Minogue photographed at the Fair Green in Ardee in 2016. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.

Ardee is set to become the latest location across Ireland to have a Tree of Hope planted. Councillors at the latest Ardee Municipal District meeting held last Thursday evening were fully in support of a motion tabled by Dolores Minogue.

The Ardee-based local representative said the tree could be planted in conjunction with Ardee Community School’s annual Upbeat Week which promotes positive mental health and well being.


“I spoke with the student council on this and they have agreed to it,” she said. “Other councillors also backed the idea including Tom Cunningham who said, “This tree can be a great comfort to all ages. Too many families have been touched by suicide.”

Councillor Colm Markey, Minogue’s party colleague, also supported the motion saying, “Sometimes we don’t think enough about these things.”

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