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Occupants disappointed by two bed Castleguard homes

The first phase of homes completed on the new Castleguard estate in Ardee. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.

New occupants of the Castleguard social housing development in Ardee have expressed their disappointment at the sizes of some of the properties.

The first batch of the new 106 home estate were allocated last months and more allocations are being made on an ongoing basis. However, Dolores Minogue raised concerns at last week’s Ardee Municipal District meeting that new residents in the two bedroom properties were left unhappy by some elements of the homes.


“A lot of people were left very disappointed by the sizes of the two bed houses,” the councillor said. “They’re delighted to be housed but disappointed by the size. There’s no hallways in the two bedroom houses, the kitchens are tiny and there’s no side entrance meaning bins and bikes have to go through the house”.

The Fine Gael councillor said there was a minimum standard of living people should expect from housing. “At the end of the day, people need to live in a house they can grow in. Everybody deserves a standard of living and they do deserve to live in comfort”.

Louth County Council’s Director of Services Joe McGuinness said he would pass on the concerns to Tuath but added, “The houses have been built to current standards. I don’t see changes to the properties”.

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