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Louth toilets costing taxpayer a pretty penny, figures reveal

A Freedom of Information request lodged with Louth County Council has revealed just how much money it costs to operate the conveniences annually.

The figures were obtained via a Freedom of Information request lodged with Louth County Council.

The maintenance of three public toilets in Dundalk, Drogheda and Ardee have cost the local taxpayer almost €110,000 since 2016.

The public conveniences – located at Roden Place in Dundalk, Market Square in Ardee and George’s Street in Drogheda – are run and maintained by Louth County Council.


But new figures obtained via a Freedom of Information act request lodged with the local authority by LouthNow.ie show that the cost associated with the toilets come at a huge expense to the taxpayer.

This is despite the toilets appearing to being scarcely used – with those needing to go to the bathroom seemingly choosing other alternatives in the town centres.

Of the three toilets, the convenience in Dundalk located at Roden Place is the only Automated Public Convenience, meaning it is the only one which takes in revenue on an ongoing basis. It costs €0.25 to use the toilet. The toilets in Drogheda and Ardee are free to use.

The figures show that the council have spent a total of €109,982.18 on maintaining the three public toilets since January 2016. Remarkably, €73,403.98 of that figure has been on the Roden Place toilet alone.

The money is spent on regular cleaning, provision of consumables such as soap and toilet paper, maintenance contracts, electricity as well as cleaning up instances of vandalism. In late 2016, the Roden Place toilets were closed for a time due to vandalism.

In 2012, the former Dundalk Town Council closed public toilets at St Helena’s Park and the Demesne in Dundalk due to health and security factors. Gardai has specifically requested that the Demesne toilets be closed.

Those closures dramatically reduced the costs of maintaining toilets in Dundalk. €120,000 was saved year-on-year between 2012 and 2013 after the two closures.

In terms of revenue, €2,552.95 has been taken in by the authority from charges for using the Roden Place toilet – a drop in the ocean compared to what is being spent annually. The council spent the equivalent of €93.87 a day on maintaining the Roden Place toilets.

€25,802.85 has been spent on the public toilet in Ardee since January 1 2016. Last year, councillors heard that the toilets at Gyles Quay, Dundalk was to receive funding to refurbish the dilapidated toilets at the popular beach area.

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