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All homeless in Louth were ‘accounted for’ as Storm Emma hit

County Hall, Dundalk. Photo Credit: Barry Landy/LouthNow.ie.

No homeless person who presented to Louth County Council was left without a roof and a bed as Storm Emma hit the region hard last week.

The local authority confirmed on Monday that all persons who presented as homeless were “indoors and accounted for” as the worst of the weather hit.


On Wednesday, Louth County Council initiated its Cold Weather Response provision in their Homeless Action Plan which saw services extended throughout Louth.

In Dundalk, the Simon Community had extra staff available to ensure the hostel could be kept open for longer. They also had extra beds available while hitting capacity, the extra beds were not needed.

Between day services and emergency overnight accommodation, those in desperate needs of  roof over their head were afforded that in Louth has Storm Emma hit and temperatures plummeted.

“There was no reason why anyone should have been out in the cold,” Michelle Ryan of the Dundalk Simon Community said. “Everyone who came to us was given a bed and everyone who came to us for hot food was fed. Nobody got turned away.

“As always were were humbled by the response from local people to help,” Michelle continued. During the cold snap, locals arrived to donate blankets, duvets, food and to make financial donations too. “It always amazes me how people respond so generously to our work,” Michelle added.

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