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Runway Success: Dundalk girl Allie taking the fashion world by storm

Local girl Allie sprung to national attention last year when she took to the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week at just three years of age.

Allie Farrell from Ravensdale, Dundalk.

When four-year-old Allie Farrell isn’t attending Children’s World pre-school in Ravensdale, she can often be found frequented the runways of Paris, London and New York. Her life is anything but that of the average pre-school child.

Ireland’s youngest international model, Allie sprung to national attention last year when she took to the catwalk at Paris Fashion Week. Having been spotted by UK fashion designer Debbie Holden, Allie – then just three-years-old – strutted her stuff in the Camellia Couture range at the world renowned Parisian fashion shindig.


Now, she is one of the faces of Camellia Couture, a luxury children’ brand specialising in bespoke couture clothing. Since last March, Allie has modelled in Liverpool, Birmingham, London and even as far away as New York. She will return to the latter two later in 2018, as her stock continues to rise.

Allie, who according to mum Stacey loves to be on the runway, has also modelled for UK designers Be Unique Be You and Lavender Rose Designs as well as USA Designer Krissy King.

“I had an Instagram page set up for Allie, just to record her life – days out, birthdays, whatever,” Stacey said. “It was from that, she was seen and we were asked if she’d be interested in doing it.”

“We were super excited initially”, the mum says. “We were asked in December and in March we were in Paris. The ‘we’ is Allie and a team of female family members – her mum, four aunties and two nannies made the trip.

“Definitely not,” she says, when reminded a request to walk the runway at the Paris Fashion Week isn’t exactly the sort of question put to most parents. Having done due diligence, the decision was made and Allie was set for all set.

Remarkably, it was her first ever show – and on one of the world’s biggest stages. “There was Allie and two other girls from England (who were new). Everyone else had been doing it quite a number of years to build up to that stage. It was brilliant. We were very excited.

“She knows we’re going to a fashion show or to a shoot. She knows what she’s supposed to do and what’s expected of her. She likes to add her own little twist every time. She makes people laugh. I don’t think she realises how big a deal it is.

“I don’t want to put pressure on her and she’s having fun when she’s doing it. It’s better like that,” Stacey explains. “She looks forward to it. It’s not even a once a month thing. It’s a trip away.

Her trip to London last year meant that the family had to make stops at Big Ben and Buckingham Palace, all because Allie had seen the sights in the Peppa Pig movie. The Eiffel Tower and Empire State Building have also been ticked off the list of a very well travelled four-year-old.

“She does Irish Dancing with Mona Roddy, and gymnastics here in town and Funky Feet as well. She loves socialising and being with other people. Wednesday is her day off – and she hates Wednesdays for that reason!”

Allie says her favourite runway shows so far have been New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, adding that she especially liked London where she impressed all 70 photographers at the end of the runway with her confident poses and fun personality.

“I was nervous for her first show because she was only three back then and I didn’t know how she was going to react. You can’t expect anything more than a three year old can do. She can make a face at the end of the runway. Debbie loves that – she likes that character.

“We’ve been very lucky, Stacey continues. “There’s no stress or pressure whatsoever and that’s what makes it so fun.”

It is little wonder Allie is being courted by designers the world over. At just four years old, she has amassed almost 10,000 Instagram followers where Stacey uploads shots from shows as well as photoshoots and from around the home too.

Although Allie loves to show off on the runway, she says her favourite part of her modelling adventures is meeting up with some of the other girls she has become friends with backstage. Although, the dressing up and getting her hair and make up done do come a close second.

“Allie has done was most models would dream of and right now she has no idea how big of a deal it is, she absolutely loves taking part in fashion shows and photoshoots,” mum Stacey said. “She has gained so much confidence and made so many new friends every time we come home from a trip away she asks how many sleeps until the next one.”

To keep up to date with Allie’s adventures follow her on instagram @little_allies_life.

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