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Minogue urges councils to implement interim N2 safety measures

Ardee Municipal District councillor Dolores Minogue.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Fine Gael councillor Dolores Minogue reiterated the need for significant safety upgrades of the N2 north of Ardee this week, once again requesting that authorities install filter lanes and roadside lighting.

In a motion tabled at Thursday’s Ardee Municipal District January meeting held on Thursday, Minogue asked that the Louth County Council and Transport Infrastructure Ireland make the safety upgrades at two locations north of Ardee town.


The locations are the junction with the L5198, just north of Cookstown Cross, and the turnoff to Reaghstown at Dooley’s Restaurant.

Minogue cited filter lane and lights that are place across the county border in Monaghan as examples of what should be in place to ensure the safety of road users.

In response, Louth County Council reaffirmed that they are collaborating with Monaghan County Council and the TII to progress a scheme to upgrade the N2 between Ardee and Castleblayney.

‘Approval has been obtained to engage consultants to identify possible solutions and Monaghan County Council are currently preparing the brief and tender documents in this regard,’ the local authority stated.

‘In tandem with this, Louth County Council engaged consultants to identify interim measures that could be implemented in the short term and these may include the measures proposed in this motion.’

Minogue will certainly hope so as the major project being progressed by the two councils, in conjunction with the TII, could take years to come to fruition. It was announced in September that improvements to the N2 north of Ardee will be progressed as a major road project after all three parties met to discuss the next step forward from a detailed safety review conducted on the road.

It was decided after talks and reviews that a 36km stretch of the N2 from north of Ardee to south of the Castleblayney bypass will be progressed as a “major road project”. The detail safety review was undertaken by Monaghan County Council in the aftermath of July’s horror smash on the road in which three women from Donegal died.

In July last year,, it was announced that funding was being made available for an online upgrade to the N2. The rate of fatal collisions on the single carriageway road exceeds the rate seen on similar primary roads.

TII provided some funding for minor safety improvements along the N2 corridor in 2017 but the conclusion of the aforementioned safety review ‘pointed to the need for significant safety improvements throughout the entire 36km section of national road’.

It is believed that long term work will include developing the N2 – certainly north of Ardee – into a dual carraigeway. Officials have previously said it could take up to 10 years for the entire work to be completed.

“The long term solution for that road would be to have a dual-carraigeway solution and really that is the only way to prevent the severe collisions where the traffic goes across the road into the opposing stream,” Patricia Monahan, Director of Services in Monaghan County Council, told Northern Sound FM in September.

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