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Confusion over return time for remaining water supply

This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Residents in some parts of the greater Ardee area – including Smarmore, Ballapousta and Blakestown – are still without without today, their third straight day of no supply and confusion remains over when it will be restored.

Irish Water say that they have fixed all issues relating to the two broken pumps at local reservoirs on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. For much of the last two days, customers in Ardee have been waiting on the reservoirs to refill after the pumps were fixed.


However, the company put today’s remaining supply outage in local areas down to a burst water main on the Drogheda Road in Ardee. Initially, customers and media were told supply would be restored by 7pm.

ThisIsArdee.ie has seen correspondence sent from Louth County Council’s water services section which says the burst water main is affecting Millockstown, Mullameelan, Rathgory, Blakestown, Mulladrillen & the Collon Road. They say water is not expected to return until 11pm.

On Twitter, customers from Smarmore and Ballapousta have said they are still without water – almost for 60 hours now – and Irish Water customer service representatives say that outage is no longer linked to the burst pump at Blakestown, but instead Friday’s burst water main.

No alternative water supply has been offered to locals despite the lengthy service disruption. Reports of continued outages in some homes in Moorehall Close have also been received.

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