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New Census stats focus on Ardee town employment

The social welfare office located on Hale Street in Ardee. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

There were 498 people unemployed in Ardee town at the time of last year’s Census, according to new figures released by the Central Statistics Office.

Of that total, the Census statistics show that 434 of those had lost or given up their previous job – while 64 were unemployed and looking for their first regular job. Of the unemployed – 189 were women, while 309 were men.


The figures – which represent the town area only – showed that 227 people in Ardee town classed themselves as an employer while 1,588 considered themselves to be an employee. Eight people told the Census that they provided care for relatives with 360 classed as a homemaker, looking after family or home. 38 (11%) of these were male.

218 told the Census that they were unable to get work due to long term sickness or disability – 113 men and 105 women. 573 were retired in April last year – with 357 classified as students or pupils. The latter applies only to those aged 15 or over.

As of November 2017, 1009 people from the greater Ardee area were on the Live Register, receiving jobseekers allowance and benefits at Ardee’s social welfare office. In April last year, that figure sat at 1,495 – meaning 997 receiving benefits were from outside the town boundary.

The Live Register is not designed to measure unemployment. It includes part-time workers (those who work up to three days per week), seasonal and casual workers entitled to both JB and JA.

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