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Irish Water extend Ardee water fix time to Friday morning

A running tap - but not so in Ardee, for now.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Irish Water have just announced that full water supply may not return to many businesses and residents in Ardee and the surrounding areas until 9.30am on Friday morning.

The news comes despite the company saying throughout Thursday that issues had been resolved and reservoirs at Slaibh Breagh and Blakestown simply needed to be refilled. That process has been ongoing all day – but we understand a replacement component was required on site at one of the reservoirs and this has led to a further delay.


In a statement released to ThisIsArdee.ie at 5.50pm, Irish Water said:

Ardee Water Treatment Plant is operating at full production levels since 10am today and the main reservoir located at Sliabh Breagh is refilling slowly.

Most areas in Ardee will have had normal water supply restored from this afternoon with the exception of those areas served by the Blakestown reservoir in Blakestown, Kilpatrick, Cluide, Rathgory, Mullameelan, Mulladrillen, Stabannan, Dromin and surrounding areas. The water supply is expected to be restored to these areas later this evening.

Currently limited supply is been pumped to Blakestown Reservoir. To supplement this two tankers are bringing water to the reservoir and this will continue throughout the night until the water level have refilled. Water supply levels should return to normal overnight.

We are also back feeding water to Ardee from Collon to increase the level of available water for customers.

Bottled water will be available at St Nicholas Church Carpark Stabannon from 4.30pm to 8.00pm this evening.

Irish Water acknowledge there may be isolated areas within the supply footprint that are the last to return. This is primary due to the configuration of the network and water pressure variations. We apologise to customers for the inconvenience caused as a result of the outage and thank them for their patience will we work to restore a water supply to all customers. Customers can contact our care helpline 24/7 on 1850 278 278 or visit www.water.ie or on Twitter @IWCare for updates or with any queries.

However, shortly after, the company tweeted that the extended estimation completion time for a full supply return was to be 9.30am on Friday morning. It now remains to be seen exactly well full supply will return to various parts of the town.

Bottled water had been available at Ardee St Marys and Hunterstown Rovers GFC from midday today but we understand those supplying the bottled water moved to Stabannon after a low take up in the area.

Councillor Dolores Minogue has requested a tanker to come into the town to provide an alternative solution for locals.

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