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Minogue calls out traffic mirror vandals

Malone's Terrace, Ardee.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Ardee Municipal District councillor Dolores Minogue has hit out at vandals who have set their sights on a traffic safety mirror located opposite Malone’s Terrace in the town.

The local representative says the convex mirror, positioned at the entrance to the terrace to help drivers turn out onto Boat Trench, has twice been targeted in the last month.


“It wasn’t touched for a year and now it’s been vandalised twice in the last month,” she told ThisIsArdee.ie. “It was broken first and the residents were able to get it fixed but over the long Bank Holiday weekend it’s happened again.

Minogue said the residents were “very annoyed” by the situation. Locals on Boat Trench and of Malone’s Terrace have previously spoken out about the speed with which some vehicles come out the back road from the Kells Road, heading towards Castle Street.

“I would urge these vandals to quit doing this and respect people’s property. That safety mechanism is there for a reason,” she continued.

“The neighbours in those cottages were delighted when we supplied them with the mirror because nothing else worked, ramps and double yellow lines went in. But this was the big one, this really helped.

“They are much more safe and comfortable coming out knowing they can see the traffic as they come in and out of their bourses. It’s happening late at night and I would appeal to anyone if they see any to appeal to the local Gardai.

It’s there for a purpose. It does stop accidents happening, they have a great view of what’s coming around the corner. It was the ideal solution,” she added.


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