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Minogue urges vigilance after Railway Walk dumping

This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

An Ardee Municipal District councillor has called on locals to be vigilant of acts of illegal dumping locally and to report instances to the local authority, after an unfortunate recent spate of such happenings in the town.

Last month, a host of large non-commercial items – including a floor polishing machine, a pallet truck and some temporary security fencing panels – were found dumped on the Railway Walk Line amenity in the town.


Acts of vandalism have also been prevalent in the area too. One of the costly Old Railway Walk historical information signs, located on the passage linking the area with Tierney Street, was daubed with graffiti and a heritage trail sign was recently stolen from along the walk.

Speaking to ThisIsArdee.ie about the dumping, Fine Gael councillor Dolors Minogue appealed to anyone who may witness people fly-tipping to pass on the information to the local authority.

“It wasn’t your normal household rubbish. It was a very deliberate dumping,” she said. “Unless there’s CCTCV cameras down there or someone witnesses it, you’re not going to catch these people. Whoever dumped those items were quite brazen in their decision to do so.

“I would ask people to be vigilant and if they see anything report it to one of their councillors and we will pass it on to the relevant department at Louth County Council,” she continued. It is unfortunate that the dumping and vandalism has reared it’s head once again as an issue now – just days after Ardee was awarded a silver medal at the national Tidy Towns competition.

“In terms of the dumping, that’s not kids who don’t realise the damage they’re doing – that’s adults making a conscious decision to do it. Unfortunately, it’s just adding to the bill of the taxpayer because it’s the county council that are having to pay to get rid of it,” Minogue added.

“When we have to get rid of things illegally dumped, that means we’re not getting potholes filled or other things money needs to be spent on. There’s so much money spent on cleaning up after people – fly tipping, clearing sludge. You could build houses with this money.

“If people can’t afford to dump it, they obviously know there’s a price attached. The bill gets bigger and bigger every year.” Previous items to be dumped in the Railway Line Walk area include microwaves and other household appliances.

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