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Poles biggest non-Irish presence in Ardee, says Census

Market Street, Ardee photographed in Spring 2015. Photo Credit: Conor McEneaney.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Almost 10% of the population of Ardee is made up of non-Irish nationals, according to statistics from the 2016 Census. That equates to 453 people in total.

The biggest representation of people living in Ardee town who present as a foreign national was from Poland, with 131 Poles counted in last year’s Census. That makes up 2.7% of the town’s population as of April 2016.


There were 96 UK nationals living in Ardee at the time, with 95 Lithuanians also residing in the area – representing a combined total of 4% of the town’s population.

The fourth highest non-Irish representation in the town is Latvian, with 25 residents counted in the 2016 Census. 15 Romanian nationals live in Ardee according to the new figures. There were four Italian residents, three French locals and two Germans living in the town. A further 20 people from elsewhere in the European Union were found in the Census, with 16 more from outside the EU28.

10 African nationals resided in the area of the townland at the time of the survey 18 months ago, with United States (nine), India (four), other Asian (12), other American (4) and other nationalities (7) also represented.

The population of Ardee town (known as Ardee Urban) is 4,917, while the population of Ardee (Rural) is 2,952 – leaving the total population at 7,869.

These numbers show an increase of 353 in the town, and 77 outside of the town – increases of 8% and 2.7% respectively from 2011. According to these figures, there are 2,449 men and 2,468 women living in Ardee town, with 1,484 and 1,468 living in the immediate rural hinterland.

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