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Gone Shopping: Ardee’s Katie stars on ITV2’s Dress To Impress

Katie Clarke is one of the contestants on the new ITV2 show.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

There was a distinct Ardee flavour to ITV2 programming on Thursday evening this week – as local girl Katie Clarke appeared as a contestant on new dating show Dress To Impress, eventually winning through to earn herself a date with singleton Robert.

The new show, devised and narrated by BBC Radio 1 DJ Matt Edmondson, pits three single contestants up against eachother with the aim of winning a date. Each contestant must buy an outfit for their prospective suitor, with the person judged to have bought the best outfit winning a date at the end of the show.


Katie, 25, who is originally from Ardee but is now based in the UK managed to overcome ‘buying’ Robert a pair of shorts and a second hand pair of shoes in her first task to be selected as the winning girl, ultimately impressing with an action-hero style ensemble featuring a camofluage backpack, black jeans, dark green tee, baseball cap and black Adidas trainers.

She and Robert enjoyed a ziplining date in Central London but at the end of the show, it was revealed that neither Katie or Robert wanted to press ahead with a second date.  While Katie felt Rob wasn’t quite getting her banter, Rob said, “I didn’t feel there was any.” The fact their courtship was shortlived is probably for the best.

The three contestants – Katie, 23-year-old model and blogger Lucy from Essex and final contestant Hayley were set to work in Westfield for their shopping tasks. To her credit, Katie spent more time concentrating on buying Robert more novelty games than clothes – a trait that Rob and his friends seemed to like as they reviewed the purchases.

In her introduction at the top of the show, Katie confirmed she enjoyed golf, boxing and football whilst she admitted she never wore pink but did have a crush on The Only Way Is Essex star Joey Essex. The former Ardee Community School student works for a transport company in London, but also acts and models and formerly trained at the Bull Alley Theatre Company in Dublin.

Katie, Lucy and Hayley on Thursday evening’s Dress To Impress on ITV2.


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