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Minogue wants action on Cherrybrook’s pothole problem

Cherrybrook estate in Ardee. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

The issue of fixing the potholes in Cherrybrook was raised at the latest meeting of the Ardee Municipal District councillors on Thursday evening – but Louth County Council weren’t willing to offer any assurances of work.

Fine Gael councillor Dolores Minogue brought up the problem – with potholes along the main road running through the estate in dire need of improvement. “We need to look at it,” she told the assembled councillors and council officials.


“I know there’s no money for it, but the estate is 40 years old. Can’t be do something as a goodwill gesture for a 40-year-old estate? The bond is long gone.”

Back in 2015, then Minister of State at the Department of the Environment with Special Responsibility for Housing Paudie Coffey visited the estate and said Cherrybrook was one of the worst estates he had seen. “People here have been left in the lurch for 35 years and the council have been inactive in taking it in charge. They have been negligent,” he said at the time. “There is no point in letting it get worse and worse. Turning a blind eye won’t solve the problem.”

Soon after, work got underway in filling in up to 100 potholes around the estate but that was seen at the time as a temporary solution and nothing more long-term has been done in the meantime to rectify the situation.

Speaking at Thursday’s meeting, council engineer Sean O’Reilly said. “We can’t go in until the taking of charge process is completed. If there’s money allocated for it, it’s taken off another road.” He intimated the council were wary of creating a precedent. “We can’t go into one estate because we’d have to go into every private estate.”

Minogue says she will keep insisting that the council fix the potholes on an ongoing basis until something more long-term can be achieved.

“The road is getting back to the state it was in the first place. No one is asking the council to go in and rip the place up and resurface it but I want them to go and keep topping up the potholes until such a time it’s taken over,” she told ThisIsArdee.ie. “The council have gone and looked at the roads, footpaths, drains – and they’re in absolute bits. That’s why there’s a delay in the taking of charge process. It’s all crumbling.”

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