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Tusla seek to recruit Ardee foster carers

This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Tusla, the child and family agency, are urgently seeking to recruit foster carers in the Ardee area.

Tusla’s Louth Fostering Team, which is based at Louth County Hospital in Dundalk, are recruiting foster carers in Louth for vulnerable children in the county. According to the agency, there is a significant shortage of placements for children in the Ardee area.


Speaking to ThisIsArdee.ie on Thursday, social worker Sandra Minnock impressed the urgency for more foster carers in the town. “Ardee is such a big catchment area but for some reason we only have a small number in all of Ardee.

“Currently we are trying to tap into areas in Ardee to find homes for vulnerable children who need a stable and secure setting,” she continued. “If children are placed within their community it means they do not have to move away from their schools and friends, thus lessening the impact of a move into care.

“Due to the lack of available placements in Ardee children who come into care are currently being placed out of their geographical area. Thus to meet the current needs of our children and young people we require more placement’s in the area.”

Ideally, the Louth Fostering Team would like to find a new foster home for children in such cases locally.

But to do so, they need more than the current number of three foster families. That is a relatively low number, compared to other areas. “Given the size of the catchment area, it’s not a lot,” Sandra told us. The Louth Fostering Team have reached out to all of the schools in the town, asking them to send text messages to parents alerting them of the urgent need for foster families.

Anyone interested in obtaining more information can contact the Louth Fostering Team on 042 939 2201. There is also a Facebook Page, packed with information which you can visit by clicking here.

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