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Ardee commuter figures laid bare by Census release

A sign on the approach into Ardee on the Kells Road. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

922 people living in Ardee town commuted outside of the town on a daily basis for work in 2016, according to new census figures released today.

In total, 1,344 commuters travelled into the town for work with this figure likely to be largely made up of people living in the Ardee Rural hinterland. Census 2016 figures, as compiled and released by the Central Statistics Office, are divided into Electoral Division – hence Ardee Urban and Ardee Rural.


785 commuters who reside in the Ardee Rural area travel elsewhere for work, with many of them likely to make the short hop into town for work. Destinations such as Dundalk, Drogheda and Dublin also make up a sizeable chunk of where commuters from the greater Ardee area are travelling to.

The Ardee Rural area consists of Smarmore, Hunterstown, Ballapousta, Shanlis, Blakestown, Cookstown, Artnalivery, Pepperstown, Lambstown, Guddrstown, Richardstown and Ballybailie amongst others.

The new figures also show that a small number of people use bicycles to travel to and from work in and around Ardee. It shows that six people from within Ardee town cycled to work outside the Electoral Division and seven people from outside Ardee town electoral boundaries cycled into town to work.

In total across Ireland, 56,837 travelled to work via bicycle as of April 2016, a rise of 43% compared to 2011 Census.

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