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Council’s “backwards” decision adds to Ferdia Park litter woes

Recycling bins at Ferdia Park in Ardee. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Louth County Council’s decision to cease the collection of plastic from the county’s bring banks is having a detrimental affect on one housing estate in Ardee, with residents of Ferdia Park reporting dumping at their bins.

Despite the estate’s two plastic banks being blocked off to litter, people have continued to bring their plastic to the site, with many people choosing to dump their plastic rather than bring it to an alternative location.


Kate Fox, a Ferdia Park resident, shared photos with ThisIsArdee.ie that show the extent of the dumping that has become a common sight since the collections were ceased.

Plastic items such as bottles, cartons and other food packaging were found littered around the site of the bring banks at the estate entrance early last week. Although this rubbish has since been cleared, fresh litter has since been dumped in its place.

Residents have told ThisIsArdee.ie that they received no warning prior to Louth County Council’s decision to cease collection, calling the decision “backwards thinking”.

Louth County Council have informed residents that the sealed plastic banks will be removed “eventually” and replaced with new bins. These will be accessible in the estate until the bring banks are moved permanently to a new site, expected to be at Lanney’s SuperValu at Ash Walk.

The process of moving the banks from Ferdia Park has been hampered by delays stretching over a year.

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