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All the single ladies? Census figures show gender gap

This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

There is a whopping 170 more single men living in Ardee than unattached woman – according to new Census figures released today.

There are actually 19 more women than men living in Ardee, according to 2016 Census figures – but there are 170 more single males than females residing in the town. The disparity is the biggest in county Louth by some distance.


The figures apply only to Ardee town itself and apply to April 2016 when the Census was carried out. According to the numbers, there are 2,449 men and 2,468 women living in Ardee town – just a 19 person difference.

Of the 3,841 people aged 15 or over in Ardee, 1,662 are single. 746 of them are women – but a whopping 916 are men. This represents a 9.7% difference between the sexes.

There are nine more single men than women in Tallanstown, just five more available women than men in Dunleer, a surplus of 13 more single ladies in Collon and six more single males than females in Louth Village. Whilst the numbers are much bigger in towns like Drogheda and Dundalk, the relative gaps between single males and females is nowhere near as large as in Ardee.

In Drogheda, there are 3.5% more single males than females and in Dundalk, the single men outnumber the woman by 4.8%.

According to population by electoral district figures released earlier this year, the population of Ardee town (known as Ardee Urban) is 4,917, while the population of Ardee (Rural) is 2,952 – leaving the total population at 7,869.

These numbers show an increase of 353 in the town, and 77 outside of the town – increases of 8% and 2.7% respectively – since 2011.

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