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No more plastic, Paddy! LouthCoCo cease plastic collection

The recycling bring bank located at Ferdia Park, Ardee. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Louth County Council confirmed today that they were ending the collection of plastic from bring banks across the county – meaning there will soon be nowhere in Ardee to dispose of plastic.

The local authority tweeted today that they will cease the collection of plastics from their bring banks across Louth from July 17th – this coming Monday. They offered no more explanation than the brief tweet (below). That will leave locals in Ardee especially in the lurch given there is no alternative for recycling plastic in the town.


Previously, plastic could be disposed at V&W Recycling at Ardee Business Park but that closed last year. V&W continue to operate in Dundalk and Drogheda, offering people in those areas alternatives to recycling plastics in bring banks. But for Ardee, there is no such service.

The move is likely to anger locals – especially since Ardee has been plagued by instances of rubbish dumping and fly tipping. Last year, Louth County council removed on-street litter bins in the town as they were becoming hotspots for dumping household rubbish. The controversial bring banks in Ferdia Park are quite often over filled – leaving residents furious with the condition of the bring bank area and the effect is has on the estate as a whole.

Those recycling bins are poised to move to a new site at the Ashwalk car park adjacent to Super Valu, with work on the €22,000 relocation set to begin soon after the council reached an agreement over the details with land owner Paul Lanney. However, with no plastic bins available for use – locals will have no alternative but to take their recycling elsewhere.

In January, hopes that the former V&W Recycling centre in Ardee could be reopened and run by Louth County Council were dashed – with council officials citing the notion as “not feasible.” Locals in Ferdia Park told ThisIsArdee.ie in May that they would picket were the bins not removed soon. It was first agreed last October that the bins be moved from the housing estate.

Louth County Council currently has a very out-of-date list of bring banks operated under their control on their website. It lists Ardee as having three – Ferdia Park, Carrick Road Service Station and Stepaside Service Station. However, the latter two have long since been removed. The list was compiled in 2008, nine years ago.

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