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Petition for N2 safety measures handed to Louth CoCo

This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

The petition calling for right turn filter lanes along the N2 between Ardee and Carrickmacross was handed over to local representatives on Thursday evening, with almost 700 signatures backing the introduction of the safety measures.

Last month, local man Trevor Kerley set up an online petition which he hoped would pressure authorities to provide safety improvements at the three right hand turnoffs around Cookstown and Charlestown. It has been the scene of a whole host of near fatal accidents in recent years – and an unquantifiable number of near misses occur on a daily basis.


After Thursday evening’s meeting of the Ardee Municipal District, Kerley handed in his petition – of online and offline signatures – to councillor Dolores Minogue (pictured above), who will now in turn give the petition to the relevant body of Louth County Council.

Work has been completed on a new filter lane at Cookstown Cross but locals want further measures implemented at Reaghstown, Rahanna and the Stream of Cookstown were dangers remain.

Speaking during the meeting, Minogue said that the residents of the N2 area “were absolutely delighted. But needless to say, we’ll be looking for a few more – Dooleys, Rahanna and stream of Cookstown.”

“[There was] a fantastic job done in Cookstown. Residents are over the moon with it,” she added.

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