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Locals air concerns over John Street apartment complex

An impression of the new development proposed for John Street, Ardee.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Proposals to build a new 27-home development on the corner of John Street and Stoney Lane face having to overcome a number of strongly worded submissions from locals who oppose the plans.

Currabeg Developments are currently in the process of providing Louth County Council with more information regarding their intent to build the units are the site at the junction of John Street and Stoney Lane.


They hope to construct five 3 bedroom terraced houses and nine 2 bedroom two story units as well as six three bedroom apartments, six two bedroom duplexes and one 1 bedroom apartment. The accommodation totals 64 bedrooms.  The development would also include a basement car park comprising of 18 car park spaces and a further seven car parking spaces, totalling 25 spaces.

However, the developers have met with resistance from locals in the area who cite a number of issues in their submissions to the local authority on the matter.

Chief among those concerns were increases in traffic volume in the immediate vicinity and adequate parking – something the development itself appears not to meet – considering there are 25 spaces planned for residential units totalling 64 bedrooms in a development that doesn’t appear child-friendly.

One complaint highlighted the extra traffic this would bring to John Street. ‘The road already takes the traffic from the Community School, including a high number off cars and school buses, and hundreds of students walk home every weekday making this street extremely difficult to use several times a day as is.’

The new extension to the secondary school – which is set to increase student capacity – is also made a point of in several submissions – as were the busy nature of John Street during peak hours.

Another local wrote ‘There is no footpath on the side of Stoney Lane road where the proposed buildings would be located, posing again safety issues for both drivers and pedestrians. Presently at the corner of the area John Street is visible and people coming down Stoney Lane can see oncoming traffic approaching. This development will no longer allow this view.’

Prior to the current fencing being erected, solid boards previously obstructed the aforementioned view.

Issues in regards to flooding, noise and nearby future developments were also made. Parking was raised by each and every submission sent into Louth County Council.

As it stands, parking is limited on the outer John Street side, where some double yellow lines exist near the junction with Stoney Lane on both sides. With the Church of the Nativity, doctors surgery, dentist and other amenities in close proximity, it is felt existing parking spaces assigned to the development will not cater for the demand.

One complaint said, ‘The proposed plans for this development show very little parking spaces available to the new residents of the apartments, and considering that this is predominately a commuter town, more than likely there will be at least one car per apartment or perhaps even two. Where will they park?’

The site measures 3,600sqm with 2,270sqm to be taken up with ground floor space of the proposed development. A previous plan to build residential home on the site was made in 2003 but later changes were proposed and nothing came of those plans.

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