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“More attention needed” as litter problem rears head

An overflowing bin at the Fair Green in Ardee.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Louth County Council will have to oversee an increase in bin emptying schedules during the summer months according to Ardee councillor Dolores Minogue, due to the increased activity at popular public amenities in the town.

With the summer months in full swing and the weather – when it feels like it – improving, Ardee playground is being frequented on a much more regular basis with pre-schools and primary schools now finished up for the next two months.


Recent extension and improvements had also contributed to the recent surge in usage – but that has not seen an increase in how often the bins are empties at the playground, and at other public sites in the area where more people are frequenting in the good weather.

After last weekend’s heatwave, ThisIsArdee.ie received this photograph – showing the scale of the issue at the Fair Green playground in particular. The bin directly adjacent to the playground was full to the brim and overflow rubbish was strewn all around, making it an unsightly image and environment for kids to play in.

It’s an issue any time – but especially now as we enter the season of Tidy Towns judging.

Minogue says she was not made aware of the issue but told ThisIsArdee.ie that she will be requesting – even demanding – that the bins are routinely checked and emptied if need be.

“It’s important not to leave an ugly scene for visitors and locals,” she said. “More attention is definitely needed to ensure the bins are emptied regularly and when needs be.

“We, the council, have to provide the service but it’s important to say that everyone has to take responsibility – the council and the people. It’s common sense,” she said. “If the bin is full, please take the rubbish home or to another bin nearby.”

The councillor stated that a scene like that depicted in the photo is not good and can especially be detrimental should visitors arrive and see that as their first impression of the town.

“Nobody made a complaint to me,” she stated. At the May meeting of the Ardee Municipal District committee, councillors were shown a report into the number of on-street and public litter bins available in the town and were told there was currently an adequate amount, with no more likely to be installed for the moment.

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