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Ardee taxis found in unlicensed vehicle sting

This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Two people have been caught operating unlicensed taxi services in the Ardee area, it has been confirmed.

According to LMFM, the two people were caught in operation on Friday evening in a coordinated and covert operation by the Taxi Regulator. The body – under the banner of the National Transport Authority – were targeting unlicensed drivers and vehicles in the area.


Vehicles operating as taxis, wheelchair accessible taxis, hackneys, local area hackneys, wheelchair accessible hackneys, and limousines must have a valid SPSV (Small Public Service Vehicle) license. Drivers must hold a SPSV driver license.

Garda clearance, tax clearance and an industry knowledge test are all requirements for taxis, along with a driving licence and insurance. Driving without a proper public license is contrary to Section 22 of the Taxi Regulations Act 2013.

Formerly the remit of the Commission for Taxi Regulation, the National Transport Authority started to carry out the principal functions of the Commission under the 2003 Taxi Regulation Act back in 2011.

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