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What’s for tea? National Fish and Chip Day in Ardee!

Marios and Toscana takeaways in Ardee. Photo Credits: Adrian Crawley.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

It’s National Fish and Chip Day! So, naturally, we’re thinking chips for tea tonight. But where to go – Marios or Toscana? It’s a question on everyones lips today.

Today is the eighth year that the Irish Traditional Italian Chippers Association has held the National Fish and Chips day – and it’s growing every year.


Mario’s is an Ardee institution and is the number one chipper in Ardee. There’s little doubt about that. It rules the roost. It’s chips are things of potato wonder. Their spice burger goes down nice. And if you haven’t had a battered sausage in Mario’s, you haven’t lived.

On a weekend evening in Ardee, there’s few things you can guarantee but one thing is for sure – Irish Street will be jam packed with people sitting in their cars dining al fresco – Ardee style – enjoying a Marios.

Since Mario Borza sadly left us in late 2012, his wife Clare and sons Rocco and Domo have taken on the mantle of running Ardee’s most beloved chipper – and Marios name is renowned far beyond Ardee. People travelling North to South are known to stop off in Ardee especially just for a burger and chips.

After a renovation last year, the team at Mario’s extended their menu and also unveiled this beautiful new poem which now adorns the wall in the takeaway. Mario’s is one of those places – whether you there’s a queue out the door or not, you’ll still join it. It’s worth the wait. It’s that good.

Mario’s Poem

But then, there’s Toscana – up the road on Market Street. It’s fresh fish offerings is becoming famed around the town, and their chips aren’t bad either. Last year, for National Fish and Chips Day, there were queues out the door. Expect the same this time.

Today, their offering all fish and chips for half price – just €4.50. They’ve got burgers, pizza and milkshakes (although, lads, it’s National Fish and Chip day) and all that jazz too. And perhaps most interestingly, they deliver. Can’t get away from the kids? Struggling to drag yourself away from the sofa after a long day at work? Place your order on 041 685 8499. Let them bring it to your door.

So, where are you having your tea tonight? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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