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DKIT students to highlight Ireland’s social issues

This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Four DKIT students are using next week’s Fís 2017 exhibition to help highlight key social issues which currently affect Ireland.

Creative Media students Aidan Carney (Ardee), Josh Moody (Trim), Chris Dooley (Dublin) and Grace Deane (Navan) will launch their Fís exhibition on Wednesday 31st May.


Fís encourages and instils creativity through its captivating content and intriguing design, with the intention of sharing the inspiring experiences present in each of the exhibits.

The group’s ’Involved’ project forms part of Fís and will form part of the exhibition showcasing the latest in third level multimedia talent. Involved features a highly visual arrangement which will explore how creative multimedia can enable young people to get involved with social issues within Ireland.

Aidan told ThisIsArdee.ie why they chose to highlight these problems. “I think it’s an issue that affects everyone, really. If not personally, it’s an issue that requires everyone to get involved and help out.”

The group focussed the project on young people, with emphasis on looking to the future of the country.

“The young people of Ireland should care more about the future of the country. After all, we’re the ones who’ll be living in it.”

To learn more about the project, visit the website at: https://www.involvedcm4.com or find them on Twitter and Facebook to start getting #Involved.

You can visit the free Fís exhibition at DKIT’s Carrolls Building on Wednesday 31st May and Thursday 1st June.

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