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Ferdia Park bin saga no closer to resolution

A recycling bay in Ardee spills over with items. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

The ongoing saga to have the recycling bins removed from Ferdia Park looks no closer to a resolution, as the process of moving the bins continues to be delayed.

Back in October – over seven months ago – we told you how the decision to move the bins from the housing estate had finally been agreed upon. However, delays and financing issues have meant that residents are still having to deal with the issue of fly tipping.


Since March’s meeting of six councillors and residents of Ferdia Park, little progress has been made and residents have no made it clear that they are unwilling to listen to any more excuses.

Liz McKenny of Ferdia Residents Association told ThisIsArdee.ie; “We were told they’d be gone at the end of April or start of May. They’re really dragging their heels now. I’m sick of people asking, when will then be gone?”

Since March’s meeting an issue arose with the land earmarked for the bins, as it was discovered that SuperValu Ardee owner Paul Lanney owned part of the site.

“Paul owns a bit of the land there, but he has done everything his side. He is happy that his part is sorted. I don’t know why it’s taking the Council so long to do theirs”, Liz said.

“I have contacted the Council but I either get no response or they palm me off with a four or five word answer. We’re no further on than we were at March’s meeting.”

Rubbish is routinely dumped at the site.

With the bins still at the estate’s entrance the issue of fly tipping is still a concern, with people dumping bottles, boxes and more at the bins even when they are not full.

The situation is also causing major issues in the preparation for the Tidy Town’s competition, with judging due to start in the coming weeks.

Liz shared her dismay, telling us; “I had lovely plans for that area as we were told they’d be gone, but I can do nothing now. We’re stuck with that eyesore.”

McKenny finished by saying that Ferdia Park residents would resort to picketing if the bins were not moved, as promised.

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