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Census 2016 shows big Ardee rent rise

Apartments at Clonmore, Ardee. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Renters in Ardee are paying an average of €64 more per month now as they did six years ago, new census figures show.

Preliminary figures from the 2016 Census are being released in phases and among the statistics released by the Central Statistics Office so far are numbers that show how the average rent has risen in the area in the five year period between 2011 and 2016.


The figures are broken down by electoral area – so the numbers show the change in Ardee Urban and Ardee Rural. They show that the average weekly rent has gone up by 15.4% in Ardee town between April 2011 and April last year.

That represents an increase of €16.22 per week – from €105.65 to €121.87, a monthly increase of €64.88.

In the Ardee Rural electoral area, the average rent has risen by 4% weekly – up €4.98 from €124.91 to €129.89. That’s a monthly increase of €19.92 over the five year period.

Interestingly, the increases in Ardee pale in comparison to those in neighbouring electoral divisions such as Collon, Drumconrath and Killary – which includes parts of Smarmore, Newtown and Lobinstown.

Average weekly rents in Collon have risen by a massive 27% in that period which equates to a €25.42 increase a week – €101.68 monthly. In Drumconrath, average rents have risen by 40% (€28.95) weekly and in Killary average rents are up €38.64 weekly.

Only one area locally has seen a drop in average weekly rents between April 2011 and April 2016 – and that’s Tallanstown. Renters in the village may have benefitted from an average 9.3% decrease in weekly rents. That comes out at €7.58 less a week, around €30 monthly. Average weekly rents in Tallanstown are €74.17 as of April last year.

The new preliminary figures also looked at the home ownership rates in the local area – and they showed that in five years, the number of owner occupied properties in Ardee town has decreased by 19% between 2011 and 2016.

There were 519 homes occupied by the outright owners in the Ardee Urban area last year – with a further 543 owned through mortgages or loans, while renting was by far the most prevalent with 688 residential properties rented in Ardee Urban in April 2016.

58.7% of all households in Ardee town were owner occupied last year and that represents a significant drop from the figures in 2002 when 77.3% of all properties in Ardee were owner occupied.

The number of properties being rented in Ardee town in that 5 year period has doubled.

In the Ardee Rural area – which comprises of Smarmore, Hunterstown, Ballapousta, Shanlis, Blakestown, Cookstown, Artnalivery, Richardstown and Ballybailie amongst others – there is a 90.2% owner occupancy rate with just 60 properties rented in the Ardee hinterland in 2016. 459 homes were owned outright according to the Census 2016 figures with 406 owned with a mortgage or loan.

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