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In Pictures: Ardee’s empty retail spaces

The former Sean Kerr Providers premises on Jervis Street, Ardee. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie
The news this week that Ardee Bargain Store was to close after being part of the Ardee furniture for decades was met with dismay by locals. Here, we take a look at the vacant commercial properties that have Ardee looking like more of a ghost town than a thriving one.

Taking up a sizeable space on Ardee’s main street, near O’Brien’s Spar, Ardee Credit Union, Ardee Post Office and more, it’s a shame to see Martin’s still empty and undeveloped. The state of the exterior takes away from the aesthetic of the town, too.


Since closing in 2014, the huge former Kerrs shop, warehouse and yard has been lying empty.

In that time, several businesses – including Lidl – have been rumoured to be setting up at the former Jervis Street/Ashwalk site.

The former McQuaids bar and Tribeca cocktail bar on Irish Street has been unoccupied for years. Soon, the Wau Restaurant situated above it will also close.

In 2015, Joseph Woods’ closed their shop on Irish Street. As of yet, nothing has been done with the empty commercial premises.

The old church on John Street, formerly Wogan’s Ardee outlet, has been closed for four-and-a-half years. While the building has been bought, a long term use for it has yet to be found. It will be open on a once-off basis in May for a Bank of Ireland business and community expo.

The sizeable former Ardee bakery site has lay empty and undeveloped since it’s closure.

Pre-bust, this was to be the street facing facade of the Ardee Shopping Centre.

A huge stretch of street and commercial square footage remains unutilised, much of it the former Super Valu store.

On the other side, the original Wogan’s furniture store site is boarded up.

Despite only opening a year ago, this business recently shut it’s doors in Ardee.

Last year, Finlay’s ceased their Ticketmaster operation by closing their office on Irish Street.

Ardee Foot Clinic is still going strong – but they recently departed their premises on Market Street for a move to the Ashwalk.

Ardee Bookshop closed last year and now the downstairs shop has been converted into a residential space.

A white elephant in Ardee. The recession meant McCabes state-of-the-art new garage at the Glebe wasn’t in operation for long. Since it’s closure, attempts to open it have been made – most memorably by the Maxol Group – but it remains empty.

On Tuesday this week, we learned that the Ardee Bargain Store was to close after decades in the town.

That news was a further blow to the retail landscape of the town, coming so soon after Walshs closure. There has however been plenty of interest in the now former Walshs premises. It may not remain vacant for long.

While empty at the moment, this John Street space has been developed by Ann O’Flynn for an affordable retail space.

O’Connor’s Vivo shop on John Street ceased trading 14 months ago – after 44 years in Ardee.

This building is currently for sale – a very big space, with the ground floor having last been used as a hairdressers. It is situated right in the middle of town, next to Hatch’s Castle.

The closure of the V&W Recycling plant at Ardee Business Park left locals without anywhere to do their recycling in the Mid-Louth area.

The original Wheels & Heels premises – and that whole area at Millstream – is ripe for development, you’d think.

Long time occupant Steppin Stones shut down before QC Computers then took over. They didn’t last nearly as long on Castle Street.

The dry cleaners on Irish Street is no longer in operation.

Some of the vacant commercial properties in Ardee are there much longer than others.

There’s more than one.

The other ex-Wheels & Heels premises on the town has previously been a men’s clothes shop, hairdressers, Polish food store and more. Currently, it’s shut.

And then, there’s this. How the doors remain locked on this beauty is a mystery to all.

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