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Cunningham delight at Burley Bridge markings

Burley Bridge, outside of Ardee.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Local Sinn Fein councillor Tom Cunningham has welcomed new road markings at Burley Bridge on the Kells Road just outside of Ardee – following a spate of bad accidents on the stretch of road in recent times.

Having had the issue brought to his attention by a resident who lives beside the bridge, the Clogherherd based councillor is happy that Louth County Council are to add new markings on the Ardee side of the bridge, warning motorists to slow down.


“I raised this issue as a matter of urgency following the twelfth vehicle accident at the bend in just over a year,” Cunningham said in a statement. “It is a very unsafe part of the road with a bend in the road from both directions and also two dips in the road. It was obviously built long before we had a fraction of the amount of traffic on the road that we have today.”

The resident of Burley Cottage on the bridge has already had her property damaged by vehicles approaching the bridge too fast on either side – and according to the Sinn Fein councillor, she has moved her children to rooms at the back of the house in fear of a further accidents.

“This lady has had her property damaged on a regular basis by vehicles approaching the bridge either too fast or completely unaware of the bridge until it’s too late,” he said. “The only protection she has is an old tree at her driveway which has already been damaged by vehicles hitting it.

“I welcome the new road markings that Louth County Council are going to install on the approach from the Ardee side which will warn motorists to slow down at this location. The Council are also going to consult with Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) in relation to a crash barrier at this bend which should afford some protection for the residents.”

The councillor has also asked the local authority to write to their counterparts at Meath County Council to ask them to remove a 100KM road sign which is just before the bend on the Meath side. He believes it lulls motorists into a false sense of security and would like to see it replaced with a ‘Slow Down’ or a ‘Bad Bend Ahead’ sign.

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