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Striking Out: Ardee left in bus strike limbo

The 167 Dundalk-Ardee bus at Dundalk Bus Station.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Bus Eireann employees are set to begin an all-out strike action as of midnight tonight, March 24th, and the decision to stop work will mean everyone in Ardee and Mid-Louth who use Bus Eireann and CIE services will have to seek alternative travel arrangements.

A strike action at the CIE subsidiary Bus Eireann has been in the works for some time and several strike actions have already been averted as crisis talks have continued between the company and unions.


Now though, this strike action is happening and the action is set to continue indefinitely, with no set date for drivers and workers returning back to work according to the National Bus & Rail Union. The strike was announced at 3.20pm this afternoon.

So, how will locals in Ardee be affected?

Bus Eireann has around 2,600 employees in total but 400 school bus drivers. School buses operated by Bus Eireann will not be affected by the strike and will continue to operate as normal for the duration. However, that leaves 2,200 employees who are expected to take part in the strike.

That means services all across the country are going to be disrupted – and local services in Ardee and Mid-Louth are no different.

In addition to school buses, all private bus operators will still continue their services during the strike. This means daily college services run by Finlay Coaches and Collins’ Coaches daily commuter services from Carrickmacross to Dublin will be unaffected and will continue as normal.

However, all of Bus Eireann’s daily regional services which link Ardee to Drogheda, Dundalk and Monaghan will cease during the strike. Both the 167 and 182/182A which provide links between Ardee and Drogheda, Dundalk, Carrickmacross and Monaghan will be affected. These buses will not run during the strike.

These routes also provide local links between Ardee and Collon, Hunterstown, Tullyallen, Tallanstown and Louth Village.

Also affected by the strike will be the Expressway service from Dublin to Derry and Derry to Dublin which passes through Ardee on the bypass five times daily seven days a week.

Ardee services affected by Bus Eireann strike

  • 167 – Ardee to Tallanstown, Louth Village, Dundalk
  • 182/182A – Ardee to Monaghan, Carrickmacross, Collon, Tullyallen, Drogheda
  • Expressway – Ardee to Dublin, Dublin Airport, Carrickmacross, Castleblayney, Monaghan, Derry

The strike action comes into effect at midnight tonight meaning if you are dependent on any of the aforementioned services, you will have to find alternative transport to work, college or elsewhere.

Will you be affected by any strike action from Bus Eireann workers? How will it impact on your daily travel plans? Let us know on [email protected] or by commenting below.

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