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Ferdia Park play the waiting game on bins move

A recycling bay in Ardee spills over with items. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Residents of Ferdia Park met with all six councillors from the Ardee Municipal District last week on the subject of removing the controversial recycling bank from the estate – and are now waiting on official responses from Louth County Council on the matter.

Locals have written to the local authority asking the bins be removed immediately from the housing estate and re-homed at the Ashwalk, where they will be relocated once the council complete resurfacing and installation of lighting, CCTV and railings.


Last month, €22,000 from the district’s annual discretionary budget was allocated for the move – after a lengthy process in identifying securing a new location for the bring banks was finally concluded.

All six elected representatives attended the meeting with Ferdia Park residents at Ardee Day Care Centre earlier in the month and the residents, who have lived with the filthy, overfilling and odious bins for years now, unanimously backed proposals to urge the council to remove the bins immediately regardless of whether work at the Ashwalk was complete.

“The meeting was told that the bins would be out in April,” Liz McKenny of Ferdia Residents Association told ThisIsArdee.ie. “Jim Tenanty suggested to get them out sooner rather than the designated time and that all the councillors present send an e-mail to Joan Martin and if we did likelise.”

It was also suggested that the residents undertake a petition to be sent in to Louth County Council. However, it emerged at the meeting that the councillors present were not aware a petition had been filed last year. “It just goes to show what goes on at the council offices,” McKenny said.

“I know all of the councillors sent their e-mails in and we sent a registered letter with a copy of the original petition in last Friday. Thus far, there’s been no response. We haven’t had a snippet since. Until they’re physically removed, I won’t believe it. It’s been promised too many times.

“I don’t see the problem with putting them up in the Ashwalk and letting the workmen work around them and then put them in the position they’re supposed to be in. There’s no reason at all why they can’t be moved,” she continued.

McKenny told ThisIsArdee.ie that since the start of March the volume of dumping at the recycling banks has not been as “horrendous” as it has been in the past. “It’s a waiting game now.”

If the residents of Ferdia Park do not get a satisfactory reply from Louth County Council, a further meeting is the pipeline to discuss the matter further.

The Ferdia Park Recycling Centre.
Rubbish is routinely dumped at the site.

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