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Ferdia Park residents “furious” at bottle bank removal costs

The recycling bay located at the entrance to Ferdia Park, Ardee. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Ferdia Park residents have reacted angrily to the news that it could cost up to €22,000 to relocate the bring banks which currently sit at the entrance of the estate.

At last Thursday’s Ardee Municipal District committee meeting, councillors were shown a report undertaken by an area engineer last month in which three locations for a new bottle bank were explored – the Ashwalk car park, the entrance/exit to Lidl and an alternative site at Ferdia Park.


Louth County Council have costed the move to the Ashwalk car park at around €22,000, the most expensive of the three proposed options.

Speaking to ThisIsArdee.ie, Treasurer of Ferdia Park Residents’ Association, Liz McKenny spoke of the reaction from local residents at the high figure.

“It’s crazy. They must be plucking that number from thin air. They’re just saying a big number so people back down.”

Aside from removing the bins from the estate, the council also looked into the possibility of relocating them within Ferdia Park itself. Unlike the Ashwalk location, this would be more cost effective – coming in at just €6,000, with €5,000 of that already in the pot for the job.

However, that proposal was met with a very direct response from residents.

McKenny said, “There is absolutely no way more bottle banks are coming into the estate. We are fighting to get rid of the ones that are already there, so why would we want more?!”

“If the engineer who proposed this thinks the bins are so great, then he can have them outside his house.”

Questions have been raised about where the new location within Ferdia Park would be, with the engineer suggesting a location adjacent to the current site.

“If there are plans to move the bins to the other side of the road, what happens the two flower beds that are currently there? Are they going to be removed? Or the trees?”, said Liz.

“The residents of the estate are absolutely furious over the situation. Some are willing to picket. If we have to demonstrate to get our point across, we will.”

Back in October, it was expected that the removal of the facility could take just a few weeks – with SuperValu on the Ashwalk considered the most likely destination for a relocation at the time. However, the move has been delayed with Louth County Council Director of Services Joe McGuinness admitting last month that the move could be ‘months away’.

“Any promises Louth County Council made to us have never been kept. I’ve had to wash the bins myself but no more.”

“I’ve stopped sweeping around them now. I refuse to go near it now because of rats. One of the resident’s dogs cut his paw on glass around the bottle bank recently. There is rubbish everywhere!”

The Ferdia Park residents were keen to praise councillor Jim Tenanty for his ongoing support in their plight.

“Jim has been fantastic. We all want to thank him for his continued support on the matter.”

Local councillors are seeking that the bins be removed completely from the estate. The matter is now to be reviewed further and more costings in relation to moving the recycling facility to the Ashwalk will now be undertaken.

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