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Major power outage affecting Ardee

ESB engineers at work.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

ESB Networks say power may not be restored to parts of Ardee until 8.45pm tonight (Tuesday) after a major power outage occured in the town.

Power went out in areas in the town and south of it shortly after 5pm and is widespread – affecting areas as far south of the town as Smarmore and Belpatrick. ESB Networks say that around 2,000 customers have been left without power and it may not be fully restored until around 8.30pm or 8.45pm.


The company confirmed that they had received reports of power shortages in the area – with lights dimming for many – prior to the complete outage.

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Some took to Facebook to air their greivances with the supply issue, with one local man complaining he was going to miss the popular Australian day time soap opera Neighbours. Strewth.

UPDATE: Power was restored to households and premises in the Ardee area at 6.15pm, over two hours ahead of the estimated supply return time.

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