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Strictly Rivals comp date set for March

Strictly Rovals
John Mitchels take on Stabannon Parnells on Strictly Rivals.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

‘Strictly Rivals’, the upcoming club fundraiser held jointly by John Mitchels and Stabannon Parnells will be held at the Nuremore Hotel on Saturday March 11th.

No secret has been made of the deep-seated rivalry between local clubs John Mitchels and Stabannon Parnells, and the event – a different take on the popular Strictly Come Dancing format – will see players, members and fans of both teams engage in their biggest encounter to date; testing not only their stamina, agility and fitness but their rhythm, style and moves off the field.


In a twist on the traditional Strictly Come Dancing format, 40 dancers will take to the stage, 20 each representing the Mitchels and the Parnells, who will do their very best to win over the votes of the audience and judges – as well as having to go a step further and win the dance-off for the club they are representing.

Training is already underway and it hasn’t taken long for things to start heating up. Many of the dancers are “showing a lot of potential,” said dance coach and choreographer Gavin Quigley.

The launch night takes place on Saturday next, January 28th in Ardee Golf Club at 8pm. It will be the first chance for people to get a glimpse of the teams both clubs will be sending out to battle for the Strictly Rivals title six weeks later.

Tickets for the main event will be available from January 28th and it’s recommended that patrons get their tickets early for what promises to be an epic night. You can keep up to date Keep up to date on all things ‘Strictly’ via the events Facebook and Twitter pages.

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