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Retired Ardee Garda Flynn appears on Newstalk

Garda Patricia Flynn pictured at the Ardee Enterprise Town event in 2015. Photo Credit: Adrian Crawley.
This article originally appeared on ThisIsArdee.ie

Retired Ardee Garda Pat Flynn appeared on Newstalk on Tuesday afternoon to talk crime prevention tactics in the home, offering a number of helpful tips for listeners to use to protect their home.

Pat – who is very well known in the town and retired from her post as Community Garda Officer in Ardee in March last year – joined George Hook on his High Noon show for a lengthy discussion about how to best prevent burglaries and break-ins domestically.


“Curtains are the best deterrent you can have, and you might find that hard to believe,” Pat told George in studio on Tuesday. “These guys this is their career, this is their profession, this is how they make money. They don’t just pick houses at random. They come well prepared. They know the geography of your house because people are leaving the blinds up.

The Right Hook on Newstalk 106-108fm.


“Patio doors are probably the most (obvious) means of entry for a burglary. It is very important to invest in good locks for your patio doors – for all your doors,” she told the host – who himself was a victim of burglary – and his listeners. “They need just three minutes. People need to confine their area.”

Former Garda Flynn – who now co-ordinates the DeeHub centre in Ardee on a voluntary basis explained that locking internal doors in a house, even at night, can confine intruders to an area. “Make it as difficult as possible.”

“We had a burglary (in Ardee) and we called up to the house the following morning. Everyone is in a frenzy. When we checked the car, the PSNI had checked it at 4.40am in the morning in Northern Ireland – but the burglary wasn’t reported until 8am,” Flynn continued.

“We’re only 15 km from the border. They’re gone.”

Among the other crime prevention tactics covered by Pat in the conversation where placement of keys and wallets at night, posting your whereabouts on social media and people’s right to protect their home and their family. “I have a tin of deodorant beside my bed,” she quipped when asked by Hook what people should do in their encounter an intruder in their home.

She also spoke briefly about the 13 text alert services ran by local Gardai in Ardee. You can listen back to the entire segment of Pat Flynn on The Right Hook with George Hook on Newstalk 106-108FM below.

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